Custom Costume

We accept custom superhero costumes to make you be a hero whoever you want.

Our custom superhero costumes were customized by our designers in the early time. If you have some sketches, and you are interested in making superhero costumes, please send email to us: service@zentaibodysuit.com.

Custom Costume is Unique

Nowadays cosplay is a very popular role-playing activity. Many anime fans like cosplay very much and anime exhibitions are usually their gathering places. So how do you come out on top when staying with so many cosplay fans?  Today, let the editor give you some advice.

Cosplay fans usually play the roles of their idols or movie stars and imitate their dressing and manners, make themselves the protagonist of films. But there are always some people who like to be different from others and want to cos something special. At this time, they usually start with costumes and props. Costumes come out first. Common cosplay costumes can easily be found and there are many costumes sold online share the same styles, which can result in outfit clash easily. No one would like to dress the same with others, especially when cosplay. So how can we assure that we could avoid it if the costumes are not designed all by ourselves? So we need to pay attention to the costumes.

You need not be worried about this problem if the costumes are designed all by yourselves and unique. It would really be a hard problem that you don't know how to manufacture through the costumes designed. You can only ask some related companies for customers making if you are of poor manipulative ability.

Nowadays many companies provide this kind of service, but you also need to find professional companies for compositions because they know your demands more.

Zentaibodysuit is a professional garment company. Zentaibodysuit's custom-made hero costumes are manufactured according to our needs. Then communicate design ideas with customer service staffs, Zentaibodysuit would manufacture the special costumes according to your requirements.

What a pride for having self-designed costumes, custom-made hero costumes make you bright stars in anime exhibitions.
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