The Exposure of the Costume Designing's Concept Images for Marvel Heroes

It is possibly not known that the costume team behind the scene will dedicate themselves into designing the types of roles so as to not only make the actors look good but conform to the plots, timeline and characters in the movies. It is probable that a set of clothes will have a dozen versions.

God of thunder, Thor: Ragnarok

Originally, God of thunder is majorly in purple, while he looks somehow weird, thus it is decided to use helmet and armor of iron color and red cloak, presenting as a hot-blooded and righteous hero.

Even though Loki did not wear helmet in the movie, we can still capture his half mask instead of full one in a flash in the preview, with his sexy false curls fluttering.

The revisions of costumes are quite a lot. At first, the costume designing causes Loki to be some dignified and luxurious, hiding his good shape.

When Ryan started to design the model of Valkyrie, he used too many accessories like belt on the shoulders, gloves and too many white paints on the face. But on the basis of the movie, she was so casual that she will be too lazy to carry so much equipment.

However, Ryan said that although he was not responsible for her design, they still kept his concept about the white paints wearing on her face so that she looked richer on the whole.

Captain America: Civil War

Several generations of Spidermen have appeared. Although their match colors and main bodies are different, the defining teams try their utmost to figure out a unique spiderman which readers will not mix up with others. The supreme spiderman costume always attracts more attention.

Can you differentiate the final version from the original ones mentioned above? (Laugh)

The Avengers 2: Age of Ultron

The original shape of Vision is of great difference from today. At the beginning, Ryan applied silver-gold color to help Vision remain as a robot. But later, the director hoped that the character could be more personalized, atrovirens and red were added in the subsequent revisions.

Captain America: the costumes of rescuing winter solder

This version was designed by Ryan when he did not Captain America was acted by Chris Evans.

In the initial design, due to Captain America is the symbol of America, Ryan made he wear a blue fur coat, followed by a white starry khaki pants. Nonetheless, with regard to the environment when there was a war, the director thought that the fur coat was too discorded and luxuriant.

In the later period, the upper outer garment of Captain America was changed into brown coat, even the coat looked torn. Look more carefully, and you will find out the helmet, shield and pants were revised for several times.

Which kind of version of Captain America do you like best?

Apart from Ryan took part in the costume designing of the first episode of Captain America, he also designed a set of costumes when the captain acted as the uncover duringCaptain America: Civic War.The thick cloths and his muscular build presented him to be powerful particularly.

But those who have watched this movie knew that this scene was not in the feature film, thus this costume seized no chance to show his costume.

Iron Man 2

This is the shape of Black Widow who first showed in theIron Man 2! The tights were the same as original version but more streaks and belts were put into. What kind of versions do you think is much sexier?

It never occurred to me that during the forming of one movie, except for scripts and acting skills, the most subtle costume designing should be also taken into account. Like the helmet, the matches colors of garments and the streaks of belts, every factor will affect the impressions of audiences on the characters.

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