Purple and Blue Costumes of the Frozone

Since childhood, we have been accompanied by Disney animation, which has brought us into many magical and moving stories. Among them, Princess Disney left us a very deep impression. They are beautiful and brave, and more importantly, they have a kind heart. Let's see the frozone custume.

First set: purple king's Cloak

First of all, the first frozone costume we mentioned is a set of costumes worn by Isa during the coronation ceremony when she grew up in the palace. Behind the dark blue-green dress is a long purple cloak. It looks very formal. Like the dress worn on important occasions, it is full of heavy feeling and has the style of king. Although Princess Aisha was wearing a crown at this time, she always seemed to have a lot of worries. This dress also embodies a deep feeling, but the style is also noble.

The second set: Blue Ice and Snow Yarn

With the familiar theme song, Princess Aisha who escaped from the palace displayed the most beautiful set of classic transformed clothes, blue snow gauze, shining a little ice crystal dress, white hair lost the crown but appeared more free and beautiful, the innate ice and snow magic built her own ice and snow castle, this scene let the little friends see exciting and deep memory. In a word, this frozone costume and Princess Aisha are natural, and the ice-snow wind yarn matches perfectly.

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