Something About Overwatch Widowmaker Costume

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Overwatch Widowmaker Costume

Widowmaker is a fictional, playable villain hero appearing in the 2016 video game Overwatch, developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment.

What do you like about Widowmaker overwatch?
* Her French accent; She's deadly and sexy; She’s a villain, but a likable one.
* Widowmaker is the only long-range hitscan sniper in Overwatch. I repeat, the ONLY hitscan sniper. I have always loved playing snipers so her entire character fits the style that I like to play. 
* Her backstory. My friend and I worked out that Widowmaker has been Widowmaker for about 7 years. That's actually quite long. Long enough for her to be quite a respected member of Talon.

Who would win deadshot (Floyd Lawton) or widowmaker (overwatch)?
Deadshot wins.
At her best, Widowmaker is only a good sniper. Sure, she's genetically enhanced to require less oxygen and therefore take fewer breaths and therefore have steadier aim with a rifle. However, Floyd Lawton literally cannot miss. He is always on target. Sure, it's possible to dodge a bullet fired by him, but Widowmaker doesn't have above-human speed or reflexes, and Deadshot is capable of purposefully glancing a bullet off of Enchantress' skull with his eyes closed, while she was flying, because he was asked to take her down nonlethally.

Overwatch 3v3: Soldier, Mercy, D.VA vs Reaper, Widowmaker, Sombra. Who wins?
Reaper is clearly extremely powerful in all the cinematic shorts we have seen. His wraith ability is much more effective in the cinematics as he can move faster and stealthier. Widowmaker is also much stronger in the cinematics. In-game, she stands no chance against Tracer, but in-lore, she does. Sombra is basically what we expect in the cinematic. Looking at the other team, we encounter a problem as Mercy and DVa haven't appeared in any shorts yet. Soldier 76 had his own and he was also very powerful. Seeing as DVa is quite young and Mercy presumably doesn't offer much in terms of attack, I would say team Talon (Reaper's crew) stands a good chance here. Sombra could hack DVa, Widowmaker can snipe Mercy and get DVa out of mech by shooting her at long range, which is a fight DVa isn't effective at. Reaper vs Soldier would be very interesting but at that point, Mercy and DVa would probably be defeated by then. Leaving Soldier in a 1v3. He loses. This is just assuming DVa and Mercy operate in the lore at about the same level they do in-game.
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