Guide for Cosplay Costumes Production

New friends who have just joined the cosplay group may not be able to find the clothes they want for a variety of reasons, such as not finding the suitable stores, the clothes are not fit, the rare props that have no factory can make them, and so on. But it doesn't mean that there's nothing to do, you can try to make it yourself whether you want to save money or you just like the tailor's work. The dress making is very interesting and useful. Today, we will explain the process and some tips for cosplay costumes production. And if you want to buy directly from online store, or you want to customize yours, please don't hesitate to visit https://www.zentaibodysuit.com/ or contact service@zentaibodysuit.com. wholesale available.

1. First of all, after determining your role for COS, draw out the sketch according to the image of COS in the work, and mark out the detailed design of clothing material, color, clothing. Then use the pattern paper to make the model of the clothes, and mark the details of the clothing color, props location, opening and so on. When the paper die is finished, the cloth can be purchased for practical sewing. When choosing cloth, it is best not to choose online shopping, but to go to the offline store to check the color and texture of the fabric and select the most satisfying type.

2. The next thing is the sewing. The cloth should be cut according to the type of paper. In the process of cutting, the position of the props such as the lower opening and buttons should be compared with the type paper. Attention should be paid to the positive and negative aspects of paper. No matter whether it is in the process of cutting or sewing, do not mistake the opposite side, leading to the wrong position of various props. When sewing, emphasis should be placed on strengthening the parts that are easy to open and break. Large sewing projects are more convenient to use the sewing machines. After the product is roughly finished, it is necessary to put the model on the upper body and make fine adjustments to some unsuitable sizes. The waist and trouser legs and other places are the most easily unfit places, which need to be paid attention to. 
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