Design Consideration of Aquaman Costume

In order to realize Wen Ziren's idea of the justice league aquaman costume in the movie, considering the underwater background of the story, Barrett believes that everyone in Atlantis is in a state of floating, swimming or fighting underwater, but visual effects need to make them look like real scenes, so the suspension of the costume is very important to make them look like cicada wings. The design team carefully studied the history of Atlantis. "Atlantis once lived on land, and thousands of years ago they moved to the bottom of the sea. They evolved underwater. We wonder if their reticulated fins evolved from their feet. I think the material, shape and color of the justice league aquaman costume's garments are influenced by the coral, fish and algae around them, especially their armor. It's very impractical for us to use metal armor because the actors need to hang on Weia for a long time. The metal armor is too heavy for them. So the justice league aquaman costume is finally made of metal fibre.
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