Dress of Deadpool

When it comes to superheroes, in addition to their superpower, such as being quick as a flash of lightning, having great power, flying, and so on, our first impression is their exclusive suits that add their momentum and create these unique roles.

At present, the clothing culture of superheroes is no longer just a cloak or tights, it mainly refers to the fashion and popularity as well as the practicality. It is actually the test of aesthetics, and the good external image design helps to shape their characters, which is also a very important link in MARVEL and DC's film.

The dress of deadpool zentai costume is completely DIY, he only pays attention to the practicability. At first, he only wanted to pick the simple white sports clothes, but each time after the fierce battle, the stains of blood made him bothered. In the end, he changed to the red clothes, which is as the same as his good friend spiderman.

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