The Origin of the Fantastic Halloween Costumes

The fantastic halloween costumes originate from pranks and require adults to take their children out with them (usually adults drive to the side of the road and children knock on the door for sugar trick or treat). Adults should ask their children to go to a family with festive decorations and lights at the door, otherwise they should not be disturbed. In addition, in the process of asking for sugar, we must always stand at the gate and wait. We must not enter the house. The returned sugar must be checked by adults before we can eat it. People who receive children are also required not to make food for themselves, nor to give unpackaged food.

Some girls still buy a pair of pumpkins or skeleton earrings to wear at this time. If any house is too horrible, it will be stopped by the relevant parties, and the media will expose it and let the public blame it.

The fantastic halloween costumes are not monotonous ghosts. There are many ways to teach people how to make fantastic halloween costumes. For example, to make the simplest ghost clothes, put a white sheet on your head, and don't forget to cut two holes to leave your eyes; if you want to play a magician, put on black clothes and pants, then put on a black hat, and hide a furry rabbit between the hat and the top of your head as a spare; and teach adults how to dress children as angels, white clothes and trousers, and how to tie a flashlight on your head from behind. They also teach children how to dress up as cartoon characters they like. Of course, the merchants of clothing and props have more articles to do.

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