The Shape of Mera Armor in Justice League was Unveiled

As  Justice League adapted from the cartoon of DC was wrapped in London, the shapes of characters were exposed gradually. Lately, Warner unveiled a set of photos of the sea queen Mera. We could see that Mera was in green, surprisingly beautiful. It was known that Mera was acted by Amber Heard who is Depp's ex-wife.  

Justice League

Mera was a superhero in DC's cartoons, who first showed up in the eleventh edition of Aquaman and she was the kings; wife and the queen of Atlantis. Even though she was not the member of Justice League, due to her husband she had been a great help for many times. The ability of Mera was to control the forms, density and hardness of water, which was the superpower for living in the deep sea. In the cartoon, Mera ever drained all the water from people's body, making him fall into severe coma.  And the mera armor is also cool.

Justice League mera

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