Is Cosplay Costumes Expensive?

The price of cosplay costumes is usually about 100-200 us dollar in the clothing stores. And you can find it cheaper if you buy from online stores. For many people, it's not easy to understand why cosplay costumes are so expensive.

Personally, I think there are following reasons:
1. The practical value of cosplay costumes is low
Some people may ask, what is the relationship between the value of use and its price? In fact, if you think there is no relationship between them, then you are wrong. For example, if you buy an ordinary dress with $100, but you can wear it for half a year. You will not feel it is expensive. On the contrary, cosplay costume is only a prop, and it may only be able to wear for one time. In this practical convenience consideration, cosplay costumes are naturally expensive.

2. Most of the cosplay costumes are customized
There is no way to avoid that. After all, such clothing is impossible to mass production. Considering that most of costumes need to match a lot of props, clothes must be matched perfectly to cosplayers. Therefore, it must be customized. If it is a cool character or a newly appeared character, the tailor may also have to work as a costume designer, and the price will of course not be reduced.
3. The cost pressure of the small workshops of COS service
In fact, domestic clothing has been very cheap compared with that abroad, and small workshops for COS clothing also have to face some awkward problems. Strictly speaking, the clothes made by small workshops belong to illegal products, and if they has been reported and implemented unluckily, they may have to withdraw the products.
Cosplay zentai bodysuit

In addition, there are too many warehouses of the small workshops, and COS clothes can not be sold so the clothes may end up in the garage. And if customers do not want the costume, it will also be abolished theoretically, which is also a loss. At such a big risk, the cost will not come down. 
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