Why are Death Waiters and Spider-Man's Uniforms so Similar?

The popularity of Dead Waiter makes many people who are not familiar with Manway know or like this cynical hero better. Unlike other superheroes, the dead waiter does not abide by the basic principle of "the greater the ability, the greater the responsibility". He is more like an anti-British figure. His most distinctive feature is that he is too harsh and humble, and the people wandering in the world give the nickname "the lower the nickname". Death Waiter is one of Manway's most popular superheroes. Why are amazing deadpool costume so similar to Spider-Man's uniforms? The theme tones are red. Some people must have thought of Spider-Man when they first saw the amazing deadpool costume. Next, let's take you to unravel the mystery of the amazing deadpool costume. Here we have to mention a hidden setup about the death waiter. In fact, Petty is a fan of Spider-Man. In the cartoon, the cheap refrigerator magnetic sticker is Spider-Man, and the most common underwear is Spider-Head underwear, even with the saying, "If it were the Spider-Man, what would he do?"

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