the Source of Inspiration for Costume of The Flash was from Swimming Suit

In fact, a lot works of Michael Wilkinson have been put into movie screens, including Batman V Superman: Dawn of JusticeSuperman: The Man of Steel and Tron: Legacy. “I try to place all pressure in my mind so as to force me to open up my creativity. Or I will listen to the discussion of Zach Snyder towards his screenplay. The role costumes will be more meaningful when in the magical universe made by Zach,” Wilkinson said.  

So looking for meaningful costumes contains the details created to adapt to the unique abilities of some roles. For example, Wilkinson said that The Flash was speedy so they had to do some research to see what kind of clothes the fastest man in the real world wears.

"When we searched the costumes for The Flash, you may not believe, the swimming suit inspired us, especially the clothes for the Olympic athletes who need to speed up. We would take the capacity for tolerating the current and heating with high temperature into consideration. Thus, we carried out a variety of researches”.

Wilkinson explained. These details meant a lot to Wilkinson. The designers knew that many people paid attention to their works for the Justice League, and Wilkinson was looking forward to the inspection from fans.  

Intensive researches helped these roles not only conform to the outer appearances as the cartoons but more meet the requirements that the real world needs for the costumes.  

Superhero Costumes

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