Superhero Costumes From Comic Book Movies

Hollywood loves adapting popular comic books into live acton films. Unforrunately, someone doesn't always hit the mark when it comes to recreating the costumes of our favorite superheros and villains. Here we've collected a list of what we think are different from the heros in films instead of cominc books.

Fantistic Four
As the first superhero team created by comic book writer, Stan Lee, the Fantastic Four hattled the likes of Dr. Doom and Galactus while wearing from fitting suits that accentuated their muscular physiques. However, the costumes desiger doesn't show us the costume it the book. You can see more fantastic four costumes at zentaibodysuit.com. Then you'll know what I mean.

The villainess Catwoman has donned a few different costumes since her first appearance in 1940. While there were minor differences between each, such as color, the costumes maintained the allure that makes Catwoman such a pivotal character.Here at zentaibodysuit.com, there are a wide range of catwoman costumes with various materials such metallic, spandex and so on. Also shape your body.

One of the most popular superheroes of all time, Batman, has undergone several costume changes over the years. The character also has won hundreds of thousand fans in the world. While moviegoers are used to costumes that showcase the character’s muscles, no one was prepared for the anatomically correct batsuit complete with nipples.The Batman Series Robin Costume Spandex Superhero Zentai Suits is one of the most popular costume often seen in the fans. You can buy one at zentaibodysuit.com.

Steel, also referred to as the "Man of Iron" first appeared in June 1993's "The Adventures of Superman". Pulling from the likes of Superman and folk hero John Henry, the character is drawn wearing, well, a suit of steel with the added touch of a red cape. It seems that he'll never been beaten as long as he wears the armor. It can protect him from suffering any attck because it is made of "steel". I believe many have dreamed to have one, otherwise, he won't keep one suit in his closet. Do you agree?

Hope more superhero fans to share ideas of your own. zentaibodysuit.com won't let you down.
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