Profile of Deadpool

Deadpool is a sci-fi action movie produced by 20th Century Fox Film Corporation. This movie was directed by Tim Miller, and Ryan Reynolds, Morina Bakari, Ed Screen, Gina Carano acted in leading roles. It ran on February 12, 2016, in North America and came to Chinese Mainland on June 17, 2017 -6 month 26.

The movie tells the story of a former special soldier, Wade Wilson, who got cancer. In order to cure his disease, he was kidnapped by an unknown organization to be used to test the mutant human gene. After being tortured severely, hesucceeded in escapingand then he retaliated against Ajax, who turned him into a mutant.

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Plot introduction

In the original comic book, Deadpool was an ordinary man who voluntarily joined the "X weapons program" because of his incurable illness. He was able to get the ability of the wolves to heal himself at the expense of losing his appearance. William Stryker then took him to prison as a failing product and continued his study, which eventually leads to the escape of Deadpool. Deadpool is a complex character, he is good as well as evil. He has the power, endurance, speed and self-healing of Superman, he is proficient in all kinds of weapons and is good at fighting, but his mind is not very stable. Deadpool is also one of the favorite characters of comic fans.

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