The Evolution of Richard John "Dick" Grayson (Nightwing)'s Spandex Costume

 In the period of being NO.37 spy:

In The New 52 Forever Evil, Dick was kidnapped by the great hero from Earth 3 and was forced to be a body bomb. Only his death could stop it from exploding. Finally, Luthor asked Dick to get into suspended animation so that the crisis ended. After that, Bruce did not announce that Dick was resurgent, instead, he told Dick to maintain this status quo to join in spider web organization for investigation as a spy.


The costumes for Dick were the uniform of this organization, which were deep gray and light gray blouse and pants and boots of special troops' styles, with equipment in his waistband. He carried a kind of interference unit of nerves so that ordinary people could not see his face clearly ( it was more formidable that eye patch). During the period of spider web, the journal of nightwing suspended while a new one called Grayson Journal began which was more attractive to me because of its painting style. Many scenes were about the young master wearing western-style clothes, really good-looking. It was a pity that the painter was transferred to draw the superman. This picture was the Grayson in one of the final journals.


  In the period of Batman:

  In Final Crisis, Bruce was shot by Omega rays, getting into cycle time. His disappearance made Nightwing realize Gotham could not exist without Batman. At the same time, many of his families wanted to take over his position, so Battle For The Cowl happened ( the main contradiction was second young master). Eventually, Nightwing wore the battle spandex costume of Batman, Nightwing spandex costume. No more introduction will be here because someone introduced the battle suit of master before.


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