Teen Titans

Teen Titans is a superhero team of DC Comics. Teen Titans is the first team that is made up by teen superheroes, this team firstly was established by the teen assistants of the superheroes of DC Comics. Its history is nearly as long as the Justice League, and it also has a lot of derived organizations. The first Teen Titans: 1964-1968 established by the teen assistants of the superheroes of DC Comics. The captain is the 1st Robin, Grayson. It then developed into a new team named The Titans.

The second Teen Titans: 2003-2016 consist of the members of the movies Young Justice and part of the members of the Teen Titans. The captain is the 3rd Robin, Tim Grayson. The third Teen Titans: 2016- consist of the 5th Robin, Damian Wayne, Kid Flash, Beast Boy, Raven and Starfire.

Teen Titans is related to several generations, its development is tortuous. For a variety of reasons, this team was dismissed and reestablished for many times, the members of it have ever felt lost and left. However, as a fearless hero team, Teen Titans are still on the way to pursue ideal and justice.
Teen Titans
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