The Evolution of Richard John "Dick" Grayson (Nightwing)'s Zentai Suit

The nightwing zentai suit was the simplification of Young Justice after the animation called Son of Batman. The same integral logo was applied on the breast. But he wore zentai suit so that the defensiveness was decreased. The neckline was also open collar.

In the series of Arkham games, nightwing showed up as a DLC character of challenge mode in Batman Arkham City II. His whole costume used heavy bullet-proof vest, without any great modification of the front logo, strongly defensive.

The Nightwing zentai suit in Injustice League is similar to that of Batman Arkham City. The whole body was covered by bullet-proof vest, and the key laid on the breast. The shoulders and legs took advantage of armoured protectors.

Nightwing in Arkham Knight was spliced armour which protected the strategic parts. However, the space between armour were fragile, the logo was simplified to be a vertical V, small wings on the shoulders and the extensive parts on the back. In particular, the eye patch was expanded to cover his side face.

In the new 52 period, the blue turned into red was the greatest modification.

But the arms first applied fin-shaped protectors as same as Batman. The boots used the armoured style as well. Compared with early period, the logo remained almost alike. But those that extended to the forearms were covered.

In reBirth changed back black-blue suit at last. The upper body was zentai bullet proof, the logo kept goshawk head, but the rest were simplified. The gloves of forearms were highly defensive. The gin-shaped protectors were cut. The fingers were added blue color, followed by blue strips to the shanks. The eye patch returned to be original blue which looked better.

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