Production Process of COSPLAY Costumes

For cosplay, the most important thing is not the appearance, but the production of costumes. Generally, there are four ways to get cosplay costumes, namely, gift from others, buying from stores, making by yourself, and customize by a tailor.

1. Gift Receiving from others
Of course, you have to be popular among friends so that you can get free cosplay costumes. When some of the cosplay friends you have made in the anime exhibition or during daily life do not want their cosplay costumes, you can ask them to give it to you, but this opportunity is few.

2. Buying from the stores
This is a very common situation for most people. There are official cosplay clothing stores, and as well, many cosplay costume online stores are popular so that you can choose from. There are also some shops that make cosplay costumes, because they are privately built, so they are not official. In Taiwan, cosplay clothing stores are basically unofficially recognized. There are convenient and cheap secondhand cosplay clothing stores. In China, there are online shops that specialize in cosplay clothing, which also offer
customization service.

3. Making by yourself
In fact, the greatest pleasure of cosplay is to make costumes and props with one's own hands. Of course, if you want to do it yourself, you have to learn how to sew, you may need a sewing machine in your house. Generally speaking, it takes one month for a person to choose materials, design and make them. In addition to having skills and tools, your mental concentration is quite necessary. A piece of clothing from the original pattern to completion is indeed not a very simple matter. But when the clothing is finished, the pleasure that oneself can feel is also unique.

4. Finding a tailor and get customized
Tailoring is generally the practice of cosplayer in Hongkong and Mainland China. The advantage is that the price is cheaper, and it is also easy to raise your own requirements. Generally speaking, tailoring shops are very easy to find in mainland China, but not many tailors are actually able to make cosplay clothes. Usually when you hand in your order on the mainland, you can pick up clothes in one to two weeks. If you have any problems with the clothes at this time, the owner will usually remake you on the spot.
new overwatch costume by zentaibodysuit.com
In fact, making a cosplay dress is really expensive. The cosplay clothing in the animation store is generally around 100-200 us dollar. Although it costs less by homemade, some complex clothes of the COS role sometimes need also a lot of money, and you also have to pay a lot effort and labor. But for the vast majority of cosplayer, all of these worth it.
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