The Ten Most Supreme Batman Costumes

There are 10 most supreme Batman costumes! The suit of Justice League ranked second only.

It is without doubt that Batman was the most popular superhero in the history, who took part in more movies, TV dramas and even cartoons than any other superhero ( and even any other team). Going through dozens of evolutions, his simple costumes encountered the change from colors to bullet-proof vest and returned to actual fabric.

Batman Costumes

Therefore, the first 10 costume designs of Batman are listed here. So which one do you think will be the first place?

The tenth is The New Batman Adventures.

Batman Costumes

The outfit of dark knight here was the same as that of TV series of Batman. But its effect outweighed because the design of cartoon looked more comfortable compared with real one.

The ninth is Batman.

Batman Costumes

He gave up the blue and gray colors which people were familiar with in the movies for decades, and he wore all-in black. It made up for the shape of Michael Keaton. Equipped with a set of moulding latex, he looked fiercer.

The eighth is Batman Begins.

Batman Costumes

The first iteration of battle suit of Chris Bale evoked that of his coming back, which was similar to helmet and armour for the body with all kinds of muscles. This costume brought a perspective of being a guard who went on patrol in the street in Gotham.

Batman V Superman ranks NO.7.

Batman Costumes

It is likely that some people do not like this suit. But the Batman acted by Zachary Edward was the first to bring the costume of Frank Miller into the real life. This suit saluted to the harsh era of Batman , and meanwhile, it was so cool.

Batman Returns ranks NO.6.

Batman Costumes

This suit was made of air-foam rubber, imitating the outer appearance of the original outfit. It changed the exaggerated carven forms of muscles to a kind of design that was near to the armour of Batman’s figure.

The Dark Knight Rises is the fifth.

Batman Costumes

It is definitely one of the most realistic portrayals of Batman. The costume looked a little dramatic but it was one of the most practical versions throughout history. Nonetheless, it could not be against the attack of knives.

Batman: The Brave and the Bold ranked NO.4.

Batman Costumes

This version of dark knight was the classical one of the 1960s. At the same time, the costume was added light grayness and blueness to reduce the fear of negative characters to Batman, while the square jaw made him look like a painting of Dicks Plant.

Batman Beyond is in the third place.

Batman Costumes

Besides the simple design of symbolic red Batman Badge and hang glider, this costume was almost all black. As a Batman in the future, it should express a feeling of future when it took over the overall design of Batman costume.

Justice League is in the second place.

Batman Costumes

This suit was so high-profile. InJustice League, the helmet and armour of Batman were quite an art. It was well-armed to compensate the slowness of Bruce’s moves. With more outfits, he could ignore his weakness.

Batman: The Animated Series is the top.

Batman Costumes

The understandings of design from Bruce Tim and Paul Dini were extended to the costume of Batman, which was just the same as the design of Neil Adams for Batman’s life. The perfect match of Grayness, blueness and blackness, as well as the classical "yellow oval” in front of the breast, was on behalf of “dark” knight spy. But it would not be too dark to scare the children.

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