What is a full body suit?
W A full body suit is a unisex form-fitting garment that covers the entire torso from head to feet. A bodysuit is distinguished from the similar leotard by the use of snaps or hooks at the crotch. A zentai is a kind of full body suits which is a Japanese name.
Can I See Through The Zentai?
.You can see through the lycra spandex zentai suits and modal zentai suits and you not have to worry about if you will bump into others or get hit while in it.
You can not see though Shiny metallic zentai suits clearly and maybe just the shadows.So, if you want to wear this kind of zentai outside for an event, I suggest that you choose the "open eyes" custom option
How To Put It On?
Most of the zentai suits will have a zipper in the back, some can also under the crotch, you can choose what ever you like, it is easy to get into your zentai suit.
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